• Targeted 2700 artisans in 72 Villages of 8 Districts of Sindh and Punjab (Indirect beneficiaries 20,000)
  • Creation of 17 Regional Support Clusters • Establishment of 2 Provincial Facilitation Center
  • Finishing unit at the head office to finish products according to required standards under direct supervision of Design Studio. A pilot project being replicated in the field as an artisanal hub known as The Community Facilitation Centers (CFC)
  • Expert trainers hired for finishing units in the field to improve quality of products • Finishing units (CFC) in Bahawalpur and Sukkur have been initiated; using techniques suitable for finishing products in the field e.g. Hand stitched products like cushions, napkins and apparel. Techniques being developed to scale up production
  • 47% increase in income level has been recorded for at least 50% of target artisan families as a result of IHT intervention.
  • Financial Products introduced for Micro-Finance, payments and insurance
  • 20% increase in the number of days of employment recorded (Baseline studies conducted in 2016)
  • 80% of the 17 Cluster Enterprises (CEs) are marketing through their own brand/sub-brands already
  • Social impact, especially for women artisans, enabes them to acquire government ID cards giving them access to financial accounts, insurance and a right to vote.
  • The process of production and work methods were streamlined and improved to produce products with fine finishes to meet the demand for the upper end niche market beside the local markets.
  • Strong and nimble procurement team established to stay competitive and meet the demand created by increased production and sales
  • Improving time management to meet large orders
  • Exposure of artisans to the design process and acceptable finishes.
  • Communication through use of technology to bring down travel costs for order management

Project RANG has demonstrated that it is possible to build a successful model that can be replicated to provide economic empowerment of the disenfranchised poor, particularly women, through a craft-based livelihood.

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