Surmounting Obstacles

IHT is a socially motivated lifestyle brand connecting rural women communities to opportunity, emphasizing hand crafted products, good business practice and community sustainability. Our purpose is to connect artisans with designers and customers so that their work is more accessible to a global market.

By using handmade techniques and traditional tools, we ensure that IHT products are not mass-produced and are not perceived as “fast fashion items”. The value of craft is in its making and our focus is on making the best products we can, as opposed to the most. Every piece of product line goes through a strict quality control process before being ready for sale. The design to product cycle is about 6 weeks/3month, as we work collaboratively with our artisans through every phase. Our products aim to evoke a deep connection with the consumer, with positive social impact being a driving force behind it.

The high end, artisanal quality is reflected in the final product. We drive social impact, by a sense of responsibility of our team, society and communities.