We have multiple collections of apparel, accessories and homeware handcrafted by our talented artisans – merging the traditional age-old techniques with modern design and aesthetics.

Suzani Collection

Inspired by Central Asian embroidery motifs and the bright colors used in textiles of Punjab, this floral collection is embroidered completely in the ‘Aar’ embroidery technique. ‘Aar’ is a popular technique widely used in Pakistan’s Punjab and Sindh regions. A special hooked needle is used to form loops of chain stitch to embroider the surface area. In addition to cushions, table mats and runners, throws make up this beautiful collection.



Tribal Collection

Inspired by the sun and sand of the deserts of Sindh, this collection is embroidered in fine needlework, using ancient motives, which appear in Sindhi regional embroideries. Embroidered in three basic colours, this collection consists of pillows, throws, mats and runners.



Indigo Collection

This blue and white collection is a variation of the ‘Kantha’ stitch (Running stitch). It has a contemporary look and is embroidered in Sindh and Punjab. Cushions in all sizes made by IHT are complemented by mats, runners and throws.




Sindhi Rilli Collection

Popular old Sindhi technique and bright colours are favored for ‘Rilli’ designs. A special appliqué technique is used with needlework running stitch to layer the design with different colours. IHT has altered the designs to create a contemporary look without losing its original look



Klim Collection

A rich geometric look is created in this collection, taking inspiration from the ancient Klim motifs used in regional weaving technique. Completely embroidered in ‘Aar’ embroidery technique on Addas (large frames traditionally used only by male artisansby our female artisans. The items in this collection have been embroidered on cream and blue backgrounds beside maroon.



White Bedding Collection and Table Linen

White on white is used in shadow work embroidery technique to create a classical timeless collection for bedding and table linen. Shadow work is one of the most popular stitches used in embroideries of Punjab. We have a wide range of products in this collection from cushions, napkins and table covers to comforters.


Taarkashi and Chicken Kari

Popular in Punjab, the pulled thread embroidery is mostly used on apparel. We have created table linen, napkins, blinds and drapes, apparel and accessories like scarves, using this stitch.