Designers, Artisans Collaboration

Our Design Team, comprising of experienced designers, pattern makers and master tailors, collaborate closely with the artisans, providing guidance and support for expanding their skills and embroidery techniques. Design intervention is carried out with sensitivity and innovation always making sure to keep the flavor of the original designs.

Local designs are reinterpreted to create contemporary handmade products using traditional techniques. Every product is hand crafted to give a unique blend of modern times linking Pakistan’s cultural heritage. The production of the craft line passes through various artisans’ hands; each of them embedding their own sentiments, story and soul into the product.

An emphasis on carefully curated fabrics, good cut and finesses, vibrant colors all catering to a customer who wants to purchase a meaningful product with integrity is our ethos.

IHT is in the process of establishing vocational centers for training which connects the artisans with raw material suppliers, dyers, repair and maintenance providers, tracers, exhibition companies, logistics suppliers to micro finance providers. From procurement of raw materials, skill enhancement to institution building; our intervention aims to cover all aspects of preparing these artisans to earn a substantial livelihood through their crafts.